I'm so happy to be able to offer lessons to acoustic and electric guitar players around the world via Skype.  These days, 75% of my students are learning through Skype from their living rooms, their grandparents' houses, or during a layover at the airport. Skype is free to download to your computer and the only other thing you need is a camera which usually comes already loaded in your computer. If not, one can be purchased for less than $40 and plugged right in. I have been teaching this way for several years and have all the systems in place to make sure you never know the difference between Skype lessons and the old-fashioned kind. Except of course, the overwhelming convenience and ease of learning online... Give it a try! And in case you're wondering, I specialize in teaching bluegrass flatpickers who are wanting to take their playing to the next level but I happily teach all levels of rock, country, and blues. Just below are the payment options and descriptions of how the monthly and individual lessons work. Check it out and let's get started...

Please, before going any further, click the link below and read through my lesson policy. It will help you get a sense of what I expect and also what I provide to my students. I love teaching and I believe this policy makes it easier for me to help you get the most out of your lessons.


Monthly Lessons
Are you a regular weekly student? Are you interested in being one? Here's your section. Please pay your monthly fee the first week of each month. You may miss one week of lessons in a month and still keep your spot as well as the monthly lesson discount. Just choose the three week payment option and let me know which week you won't be attending your lesson. If you have not already been taking weekly lessons and would like to get on the schedule, please purchase the monthly lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes) you would like to have and
email me for available time slots. 

30 Minute Lessons - Monthly Payment
45 Minute Lessons - Monthly Payment
60 Minute Lessons - Monthly Payment

Individual Lessons
Are you interested in purchasing individual lessons? Just below are the three time options for purchasing one lesson at a time. Make your decision then order the lesson you want. Enter some preferred days/times in the box provided and I'll get right back to you to schedule your lesson and we'll get to work. This is also your section if you'd like a sorta regular lesson but can't commit to the weekly schedule.

Lesson Length Options
Please enter a time preference